Mesquite Charcoal

100% pure, natural mesquite charcoal for that wonderful mesquite barbeque flavor

  • Pure and Natural Mesquite Charcoal
  • Pure and Natural Mesquite Charcoal
  • Pure and Natural Mesquite Charcoal

Our 100% pure and natural mesquite charcoal comes from the Sonoran desert in Mexico.

There are no fillers or by-products added, ensuring your barbeque is flavored with the authentic taste only mesquite can provide.

Mesquite trees grow in warm, arid areas. They can be found in the desert regions of northern Mexico, all the way up through California, Texas, and Colorado. The wood is extremely hard which makes it great for barbeques.

Mesquite flavor is sweet and savory. It is by far the most flavorful of the hardwoods, as well as one of the hottest burning. Even if you’ve never used it on your grill before, you’re most likely still familiar with the taste. Mesquite is often the signature flavor in Southwest and Texas-style barbecue.

The strong earthy flavor of mesquite is best-suited for more flavorful meats such as beef and pork. Mesquite charcoal burns hot and is particularly great for searing steaks over an open flame. Because the wood is so rich, lengthy smoking or barbecuing of meats is not necessarily recommended. If it’s your first time using  mesquite, start with cuts of meat that require quicker cook times. Lower the temperature and increase the time on the grill for more flavor on your next go-round.

LincolnPure and Natural Mesquite Charcoal